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Welcome to Headucate!

Director of the Academy Leanne Nolan has 17 years industry experience under her belt. She has been teaching for 10 years during which time has had the opportunity to examine all the different training options available within Hairdressing. Based on her own experience of training and Education Leanne has developed her ethos for Headucate by combining the best elements of apprenticeships with that of College courses to create this fun blended approach to developing skills and gaining recognised qualifications.

Leanne herself holds all the relevant qualifications in hairdressing along with qualifications to teach. She also assesses quality assurance within other training centres. Leanne also runs her own successful Bridal Business VOW 2 WOW. She currently holds the title for Bridal Stylist of the Year 2016 and AGAIN in 2017 and was Kilkenny Young Entrepreneur 2016. It is her belief that you never stop learning in the Industry and she is continuously updating her own skills and developing her name within the industry to ensure she’s delivering top class courses to her learners. She is very excited to introduce her new Academy and is looking forward to welcoming learners from all ages and helping to inspiring the next generation of Stylists with a fun and easy going approach.

“One thing I’ve learned through my own experience is that as a hairdresser my skills are predominantly practical. Nothing dampens my creative spirit faster than having to sit at a desk all day reading about something I would rather be experiencing! I don’t dispute that technical knowledge is the difference between a mediocre and a great hairdresser, however I do believe we can deliver the this knowledge in a way that keeps things fun and interesting for practical learners”


Freelance Hair Specialist 2017
Bridal Stylist of the Year 2017
Kilkenny Young Entrepreneur 2016
Bridal Stylist of the Year 2016

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